“...everyone should take time out to watch one of the more impressive labor films ever made. In these post-modern cynical times, the term “solidarity” seems outdated and quaint. Forget the Prozac or Zoloft — if you want an antidote to working class depression, watch “Locked Out 2010.” — FreePress.org
“The fact that people of differing views respond so strongly and approvingly to Unconvention is a sign of its beauty. ...the movie feels raw, unprocessed, and complex — with an eye toward every possible irony. We put together the whole in our minds, and make them up while we're doing it.” — Citypages.com
“...presents a convincing case that the wrong man took Florida and the country.” — The Boston Globe

“...illuminating and persuasive...” — Los Angeles Times

“...will hold you in a state of appalled enthrallment.” — New Yorker Magazine